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Sugar Nation

Former Men’s Health editor, Jeff O’Connell, has just released his new book, Sugar Nation. Back in 2009, Jeff contacted me to obtain some background insights into diabetes and its relationship with diet. He recently sent me a copy of his … Continue reading

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1985: The Year of Whole Grains

In 1985, the National Cholesterol Education Panel delivered its Adult Treatment Panel guidelines to Americans, advice to cut cholesterol intake, reduce saturated fat, and increase “healthy whole grains” to reduce the incidence of heart attack and other cardiovascular events. Per … Continue reading

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The Westman Diet

Dr. Eric Westman has been a vocal proponent of carbohydrate restriction to gain control over diabetes, as have Drs. Richard Bernstein, Mary Vernon, Richard Feinman, and Jeff Volek. Several studies over the years have demonstrated that reductions in carbohydrate content … Continue reading

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Diabetes: Better than hedge funds

Diabetes is where the action is. While, for virtually all of history, type 2 diabetes was an uncommon condition of adults, the disease has spread so much to all levels of American society that even kids are now developing the … Continue reading

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How to become diabetic in 5 easy steps

If you would like to become diabetic in as short a time as possible, or if you have someone you don’t like–ex-spouse, nasty neighbor, cranky mother-in-law–whose health you’d like to booby trap, then here’s an easy-to-follow 5-step plan to make … Continue reading

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Carbohydrate sins of the past

Fifty years ago, diabetes was a relatively uncommon disease. Today, the latest estimates are that 50% of Americans are now diabetic or pre-diabetic. There are some obvious explanations: excess weight, inactivity, the proliferation of fructose in our diets. It is … Continue reading

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Diabetes from fruit

Mitch sat in my office, looking much the same as he had on prior visits. At 5 ft 7 inches, he weighed a comfortable 159 lb, though he did have a small visible “paunch” above his beltline. I had been … Continue reading

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Victim of Post-Traumatic Grain Disorder

Heart Scan Blog reader, Mike, shared his story with me. He was kind enough to allow me to reprint it here (edited slightly for brevity). Dr. Davis, I was much intrigued to stumble onto your blog. Heart disease, nutrition, and … Continue reading

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The Diabetes Gold Rush

Lou came into the office. Clearly, his program had gone sour. Lou had initially obtained wonderful control over his heart scan score of 1114, having reversed modestly in his first three years of effort through correction of his multiple causes … Continue reading

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American Diabetes Association

These are actual quotes from the American Diabetes Association website: Myth #2 (from list of Diabetes Myths): People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate.If eaten as part of a healthy meal plan, or combined with exercise, sweets and desserts … Continue reading

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