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Fasting with green tea

I’ve been playing around with brief (18-24 hour) fasts with the use of green tea. Of the several variations on fasting, such as juice “fasts,”  I’ve been most impressed with the green tea experience. While the weight loss effects of … Continue reading

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Bet you can’t fast

People who continue to consume the world’s most destructive grain, i.e., wheat, can rarely endure fasting–not eating for an extended period–except by mustering up monumental willpower. That’s because wheat is a powerful appetite stimulant through its 2-hour cycle of exaggerated glycemia … Continue reading

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Why obese people can’t fast

Why do obese people claim it is impossible to fast? Most overweight people are terrified at the prospect of facing any period of time without ready access to food. Persuading them to begin a program of intermittent fasting is a … Continue reading

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The IF Life: Intermittent fasting

There’s a wonderful blog called The IF Life: Intermittent Fasting and Instant Freedom. It is written by personal trainer (and apparently former corporate bigshot), Mike O’Donnell. Mike has a great take on brief, intermittent fasting that I found helpful and … Continue reading

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To learn how to eat . . . try fasting

Curious thing about fasting: It teaches you how to eat. In previous posts, I’ve discussed the potential benefits of fasting: reduction of blood pressure, reduction of inflammatory responses, drop in blood sugar, weight loss, and reduced heart attack risk. In … Continue reading

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Fasting and heart disease

Followers of the Track Your Plaque program know that we advocate periodic fasts to reduce heart disease risk. I came across an interesting report form an abstract presented at last week’s American Heart Association meetings in Orlando: (Read the report … Continue reading

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Repentance for past sins

If you are new to the Track Your Plaque program and would like to jump start your effort, or if you are struggling with losing weight and excess weight is a part of the situation that created your CT heart … Continue reading

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For rapid success, try the “fast” track

Have you tried fasting? Before your eyes glaze over, let me tell you what I mean. I don’t mean a water-only fast for two weeks while you drool over all the temptations around you and you feel sorry for yourself. … Continue reading

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