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Plant-based or animal-based?

The ideal diet for heart and overall health restricts carbohydrate intake. I say this because carbohydrates: Make you fat–Carbohydrates increase visceral fat, in particular. Increase triglyceridesReduce HDLIncrease small LDL particlesIncrease glycation of LDLIncrease blood pressureIncrease c-reactive protein Reducing carbohydrates reverses … Continue reading

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Heart Scan Blog Redux: Cheers to flavonoids

Because in Track Your Plaque we’ve been thinking a lot about anthocyanins, here’s a rerun of a previous Heart Scan Blog post about red wine. (Anthocyanins are among the interesting flavonoids in red wine, along with resveratrol and quercetin.) The … Continue reading

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Eat cranberries

Most people already know that cranberries are useful for preventing urinary tract infections. Cranberries can also be useful for preventing other sorts of infections, such as dental cavities and stomach ulcers because of cranberry’s ability to block bacterial adhesion. Cranberries … Continue reading

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Cheers to flavonoids

The case in favor of healthful flavonoids seems to grow bit by bit. Flavonoids such as procyanadins in wine and chocolate, catechins in tea, and those in walnuts, pomegranates, and pycnogenol (pine bark extract) are suspected to block oxidation of … Continue reading

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