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Why wheat makes you fat

How is it that a blueberry muffin or onion bagel can trigger weight gain? Why do people who exercise, soccer Moms, and other everyday people who cut their fat and eat more “healthy whole grains” get fatter and fatter? And … Continue reading

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Can I eat quinoa?

. . . or beans, or brown rice, or sweet potatoes? Or how about amaranth, sorghum, oats, and buckwheat? Surely corn on the cob is okay! These are, of course, non-wheat carbohydrates. They lack several crucial undesirable ingredients found in … Continue reading

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What increases blood sugar more than wheat?

Take a look at these glycemic indexes (GI): White bread 69Whole wheat bread 72Sucrose 59Mars bar 68White rice 72Brown rice 66 I’ve made issue in past of whole wheat’s high GI–higher than white bread. Roughly in the same glycemic league … Continue reading

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Glycemic gobbledygook

The concept of glycemic index is meant to help determine what foods raise blood sugar a lot vs. what foods raise blood sugar a little. Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller’s searchable database can be found here. I have to admit that glycemic … Continue reading

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Is glycemic index irrelevant?

University of Toronto nutrition scientist, Dr. David Jenkins, was the first to quantify the phenomenon of “glycemic index,” describing how much blood sugar increased over 90 minutes compared to glucose. The graph is from their 1981 study, The glycemic index … Continue reading

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