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Low-carb is heart healthy

Anybody following the discussions in these pages know that: Limiting carbohydrate intake reduces risk for coronary heart disease and heart attack. First of all, why do conventional diets advocate restricting saturated and total fat? From the standpoint of surrogate markers … Continue reading

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Small LDL particles and increased HbA1c–An evil duo

Small LDL particles are triggered by consumption of carbohydrates. Eat more “healthy whole grains,” for instance, and small LDL particles skyrocket. Increased hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c, a reflection of the last 60-90 days’ blood sugars, is likewise a reflection of carbohydrate … Continue reading

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Normal fasting glucose with high HbA1c

Jonathan’s fasting glucose: 85 mg/dl His HbA1c: 6.7% Jonathan’s high HbA1c reflects blood glucose fluctuations over the preceding 60-90 days and can be used to calculate an estimated average glucose (eAG) with the following equation: eAG = 28.7 X A1c – … Continue reading

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