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Low-carb is heart healthy

Anybody following the discussions in these pages know that: Limiting carbohydrate intake reduces risk for coronary heart disease and heart attack. First of all, why do conventional diets advocate restricting saturated and total fat? From the standpoint of surrogate markers … Continue reading

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HDL 80 mg/dl

More and more people in my clinic are showing HDL cholesterol values of 80 mg/dl or higher, males included. Think about it: Nationwide, average HDL for males is 42 mg/dl and for females 52 mg/dl. Even though these average values … Continue reading

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A niacin primer

A reader of Life Extension reminded me of a piece I wrote about niacin a couple of years back. Anyone desiring a primer on how and why to use niacin to correct lipid and lipoprotein patterns might find this useful. … Continue reading

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HDL: “H” is for “happy”

What role do emotions play in HDL cholesterol? I’ve often observed a peculiar phenomenon: People who come to the office or hospital in the midst of a difficult emotional situation-e.g., stress at home, financial struggles, hospitalization (usually an unhappy occasion)- … Continue reading

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HDL for Dummies

I frequently peruse conventional health websites to keep track of their message. One painfully conventional (read “drug company-supported”) website that echoes the standard advice on heart disease and heart health is Everyday Health . Since I subscribe to the newsletters … Continue reading

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