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Medical education in the days of Big Pharma

I received this detailed email from an unexpected source: a 3rd-year medical student. In her email, Theresa describes her frustrations in what she is witnessing for the first time, proceeding through her training and getting exposed to the realities of … Continue reading

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The forces that shape heatlh care

Thinking about the programs for health care reform proposed by the three Presidential candidates highlights a distinct peculiarity of American style health care. American health care is shaped to an unprecedented degree by five forces: 1) The drug industry 2) … Continue reading

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Why health care costs are ballooning

Have you ever wondered to what degree health care is driven by a profit motive? A doctor advises you to undergo a procedure. Is that advice motivated solely by concern for your health and welfare? Or, does the generous financial … Continue reading

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Free checking, auto shows, low-cost hotel rooms, and bypass surgery

Of the three major highways that lace the city of Milwaukee, there are at least five, and sometimes as many as ten, billboards that prominently feature one hospital heart program or another. The passing of former First Lady, Ladybird Johnson … Continue reading

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