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Why are heart attacks still happening?

I’m a cardiologist. I see patients with heart disease in the form of coronary artery disease every day. These are people who have undergone bypass surgery, received one or more stents or undergone other forms of angioplasty, have survived heart … Continue reading

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Why don’t stents prevent heart attack?

No study has ever documented that stents prevent future heart attack. But, in day-to-day practice, stents are frequently implanted for just this reason. A little clarification. Stents do prevent heart attack–if the heart attack is already underway, either as an … Continue reading

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Tim Russert Revisited

A Heart Scan Blog reader brought this piece by Dr. MacDougall to my attention. Dr. MacDougall created a fictitious posthumous conversation between himself and the late Tim Russert. MacDougall paints a picture of a hardworking, hard-living man who adhered to … Continue reading

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Tim Russert’s heart scan score 210. . .in 1998

Despite the media blathering over how Mr. Russert’s tragic death from heart attack could not have been predicted, it turns out that he had undergone a heart scan several years ago. A New York Times article, A Search for Answers … Continue reading

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Tribute to Tim Russert

The sudden passing of news giant, Tim Russert, yesterday of sudden cardiac death struck a blow to American consciousness. Perhaps his hard-hitting interviewing style, while making guests squirm, made him seem invincible. But, of course, none of us is invincible. … Continue reading

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Scare tactics

Does the media engage in scare tactics? Read the headlines in local newspapers, and you’d believe that your friends and neighbors are dropping like flies, all victims of heart attacks. I occasionally peruse the headlines run in newspapers and magazines … Continue reading

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Firefighters Face Added Risk of Fatal Heart Attack

Firefighters are twice as likely to die from a heart attack in the line of duty than are policemen, and three times more likely than EMTs. That’s among the headlines run today because of a report in the New England … Continue reading

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Good time for a heart attack?

Man Has Heart Attack At Right Place, Right Time If Robert Ricard had picked the wrong restaurant for lunch, he might have died. The 71-year-old Michigan man suffered a heart attack shortly after ordering a glass of wine with friends … Continue reading

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I had a heart attack–and I don’t know why!

Kevin came to my office for another opinion. A husband and father of two teenagers, Kevin had his first heart attack at age 39. Kevin received two stents to his right coronary artery. The entire process took place in a … Continue reading

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Support your local hospital: HAVE A HEART ATTACK!

I’m kidding, of course. But, in your hospital’s secret agenda, that’s not too far from the truth. Catastrophes lead to hospital procedures, which then yields major revenues. Prevention, on the other hand, yields nothing for your hospital. No $8,000 to … Continue reading

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