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Wag the Dog

What if the system to provide heart care has already gotten as big as it should be? Worse (for hospitals), what if it’s already far larger than it needs to be? Can the system continue to increase revenues if they’ve … Continue reading

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Scare tactics

“You’re a walking time bomb.” “I can’t be responsible for what happens to you.” “Your blockage is in the artery called the ‘widow-maker.’” Familiar lines? These are the well-rehearsed warnings commonly used by cardiologists to persuade a patient to undergo … Continue reading

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Cardiology Confidential

Okay, so it’s a shameless knockoff of chef Anthony Bourdain’s titillating Kitchen Confidential. But the confidences that I’ve heard whispered in the corridors of health involve something more provocative than how your food was prepared. Any service for humans performed … Continue reading

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Looking for health in all the wrong places

The American public now has unprecedented freedom to explore new directions in health. Never before have we had the enormous resources now available to add to our health experience: nutritional supplements, endless books on health and diet, the internet, online … Continue reading

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“Heart Healthy” and other lies

“Bankers believe liquidation has run its course and advise purchases.” New York Times headline, Oct 30, 1929, at the start of the Great Depression. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky.” Former President Bill Clinton at … Continue reading

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The Plavix Scam

Periodically, I’ll see a flurry of TV ads for Plavix. It comes with a polished computer-animated cartoon that shows how platelets clump and form a blood clot, causing heart attack. Imagine there’s a pile of oil-soaked rags in a corner … Continue reading

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Is your doctor in cahoots with the hospital?

I got a call from a doctor about a patient we’ve seen in past. “I’ve got Tricia in the office. She’s been having some kind of chest and abdominal pain. I think it’s esophageal reflux, but just to be safe … Continue reading

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