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Back to basics: Coronary calcium

After having my attentions pulled a thousand different directions these past 6 months, with the release of Wheat Belly and all the wonderful media attention it has attracted, I’ve decided to pick up here with a series of discussions about … Continue reading

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Heart Scans: An Interview with Jimmy Moore

My friend, Jimmy Moore, of The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show, posted this video of an interview I did with him. I provide some background on how heart scanning came about and how it led to the creation of … Continue reading

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Coronary calcium: Cause or effect?

Here’s an interesting observation made by a British research group. We all know that coronary calcium, as measured by CT heart scans, are a surrogate measure of atherosclerotic plaque “burden,” i.e., an indirect yardstick for coronary plaque. The greater the … Continue reading

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Heart scan tomfoolery 2

In the last Heart Scan Blog post, I discussed the significance of the apparent discrepancy between Steve’s heart scan score and volume score. This post addresses his second question, also a FAQ about heart scan scores. Steve noted that his … Continue reading

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Heart scan tomfoolery

Heart Scan Blog reader, Steve, sent these interesting questions about his heart scan experience. (I sometimes forget that this blog is called “The Heart Scan Blog” and was originally–several years ago–meant to discuss heart scans. It has evolved to become … Continue reading

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Heart scan gone wrong

Those of you reading the Heart Scan Blog, I hope, have come to appreciate the power in measuring atherosclerotic plaque, the stuff of coronary artery disease, and not relying on indirect potential “risk factors,” especially the fictitious LDL cholesterol. However, … Continue reading

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What goes up can’t come down

According to conventional wisdom, heart scan scores cannot be reduced. In other words, say you begin with a heart scan score of 300. Conventional wisdom says you should take aspirin and a statin drug, eat a low-fat “heart healthy” diet, … Continue reading

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Even mummies do it

Lady Rai, nursemaid to Queen Nefertari of Egypt, died in 1530 BC, somewhere between the age of 30 and 40 years. Her mummy is preserved in the Egyptian National museum of Antiquities in Cairo. A CT scan of her thoracic … Continue reading

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It’s the score, stupid

Sal has had 3 heart scans. (He was not on the Track Your Plaque program.) His scores: March, 2006: 439 April, 2007: 573 October, 2009: 799 Presented with the 39% increase from April, 2007 to October, 2009, Sal’s doctor responded, … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque: Safer at any score

Imagine two people. Tom is a 50-year old man. Tom’s initial heart scan score was 500–a concerning score that carries a 5% risk for heart attack per year. Harry is also 50 years old. His heart scan score is 100–also … Continue reading

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