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Factory hospitals

Twenty years ago, the American farming industry experienced a dilemma: How to grow more soybeans, corn, or wheat from a limited amount of farmland, raise more cattle and hogs in a shorter period of time, fatter and ready for slaughter … Continue reading

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Increasing sales, growing the business

I continue my portrayal of the fictional hospital, St. Matthews. Though fictional, it is based on real facts, figures, and situations. Despite their success, administrators at St. Matthews’s Hospital continually fret over how to further expand their enterprise. Market share … Continue reading

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Top Doctor

Dr. Robert Connors is the hospital’s most prized cardiologist. Practically a fixture in the cath lab, he generates more revenues for the hospital than any of his colleagues. Last year alone, he performed over 1500 procedures, bringing in $18 million … Continue reading

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The battle for asymptomatic disease

The heart disease revenue pie is shrinking. So is the “serving size” being shared by competing hospitals. In other words, as more hospitals open heart programs, there is more competition for the same heart patient. Throw into the mix the … Continue reading

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Go to your corners

There’s a heated debate being waged on the Heart Hawk Blog Dr. Melissa Walton-Shirley authored an editorial entitled It Should Be the Right of All Americans to Have Primary Percutaneous-Based Intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome . Heart Hawk’s response: Dr. … Continue reading

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Non-profit hospitals

Take a look at your local hospital and you’re likely to notice several curious things: 1) It is likely non-profit, meaning it enjoys a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service and enjoys the tax benefits of not paying taxes … Continue reading

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Non-profit hospitals

Hospitals hide behind a veil of non-profit. Ostensibly operating for the public good, most hospitals enjoy all the business advantages of non-profit status. This means that any profits that flow to the bottom line at the end of the year … Continue reading

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Drop the pretense

Most hospitals maintain the “Saint _____” in their names, despite many having little or nothing to do with the church. Out of 15 hospitals in my area, 13 are named after saints. In my view, a more honest name would … Continue reading

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The powerful forces preserving the status quo

An interesting quote from the book, Critical Condition: How health care in American became big business–and bad medicine: Politics and Profits To protect its interests and expand its influence, the health care industrial complex has done what all successful special … Continue reading

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Hospitals: Then and Now

It’s 1920. The hospital in your city is a facility run by nuns or the church. It’s a place for the very ill, often without hope of meaningful treatment, but nonetheless a place where surgeries take place, babies are born, … Continue reading

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