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Normal cholesterol panel . . . no heart disease?

I often hear this comment: “I have a normal cholesterol panel. So I have low risk for heart disease, right?” While there’s a germ of truth in the statement, there are many exceptions. Having “normal” cholesterol values is far from … Continue reading

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Eat triglycerides

Dietary fats, from olive oil to cocoa butter to beef tallow, are made of triglycerides. Triglycerides are simply three (“tri-”) fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. Glycerol is a simple 3-carbon molecule that readily binds fatty acids. Fatty acids, … Continue reading

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No more cookies

Jeanne enjoyed her Christmas holidays. She especially liked sharing the cookies she made for her grandchildren, sneaking 2 or 3 every day over a couple of weeks. On top of this, she enjoyed the Christmas candy, egg nog, leftover stuffing … Continue reading

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Making sense out of lipid changes

Maggie had been doing well on her program, enjoying favorable lipids near our 60-60-60 targets (HDL 60 mg/dl or greater, LDL 60 mg/dl or less, triglycerides 60 mg/dl or less). Last fall, her last set of values were: Total cholesterol: … Continue reading

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More on the “Rule of 60”

Despite its apparent simplicity, there’s a lot of thought and wisdom in the Rule of 60. What if you achieve only a single value in the Track Your Plaque “Rule of 60”? What if, for instance, you got LDL down … Continue reading

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Total cholesterol and heart scans

Andy was fearful of heart disease in his life. At age 52, he’d already had four CT heart scans–one each year on or near his birthday. Yet, when I looked at Andy’s scans, his scores had been increasing 20-24% per … Continue reading

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