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What tests are MORE important than cholesterol?

In the conventional practice of early heart disease prevention, cholesterol testing takes center stage. Rarely does it go any further, aside from questions about family history and obvious sources of modifiable risk such as smoking and sedentary lifestyle. So standard … Continue reading

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Lipoproteins . . . zero!

With the recent refinements in our approach to correction of the lipoprotein abnormalities that lead to coronary plaque and heart disease risk, I have been witnessing more and more people achieve: Small LDL particles 0 nmol/L Lipoprotein(a) 0 nmol/L For … Continue reading

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Don’t be a dipstick

If I want to know how much oil is in my car’s engine, I check the dipstick. The dipstick provides a gauge of the amount of oil in my engine. If the dipstick registers “full” because there an oil mark at one … Continue reading

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Another lipoprotein hurdle

A number of our Track Your Plaque Members have encountered unexpected difficulty obtaining the 2nd page of their NMR Lipoprofile lipoprotein results when their blood was drawn in a LabCorp laboratory. This is the page that displays the lipoprotein subclasses … Continue reading

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Apoprotein B on VAP

We’ve just received an announcement that, if your Vertical Auto Profile lipoprotein test (Atherotech) is provided through the national Quest laboratories (a large national laboratory company), they will include an apoprotein B. This represents an improvement over the previous “direct … Continue reading

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What’s the best lipoprotein test?

This is a frequent question from Track Your Plaque Members and others interested in improving their heart disease prevention program beyond that of simple-minded cholesterol testing. I obtain lipoprotein testing every day on patients. I can tell you with the … Continue reading

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Cholesterol is dead!

I saw a patient in the office yesterday. He came to me for an opinion regarding his high heart scan score of 525, putting him in the 90th percentile (5% annual risk of heart attack). His doctor had been puzzled … Continue reading

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Doctor, why do I have heart disease?

I see a great many people in my practice who come for a 2nd opinion regarding their coronary disease. When I ask patients whether they ever asked their primary doctor or cardiologist why they have heart disease in the first … Continue reading

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