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The Perfect Carnivore

People who carry the gene for lipoprotein(a), Lp(a), tend to be: –Intelligent–The bell curve of IQ is shifted rightward by a substantial margin. –Athletic–With unusual capacity for long-endurance effort, thus the many marathoners, triathletes, and long-distance bikers with Lp(a). –Tolerant … Continue reading

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I Wish I Had Lipoprotein(a)!

Why would I say such a thing? Well, a number of reasons. People with lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a), are, with only occasional exceptions: –Very intelligent. I know many people with this genetic pattern with IQs of 130, 140, even 160+. –Good … Continue reading

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More lipoproteins zero!

A few posts back, I talked about how more people are showing us zero lipoprotein(a) and zero small LDL. That was about 4 weeks ago. By then, I had seen 3 people with zero values on both. Well, it’s now … Continue reading

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Lipoproteins . . . zero!

With the recent refinements in our approach to correction of the lipoprotein abnormalities that lead to coronary plaque and heart disease risk, I have been witnessing more and more people achieve: Small LDL particles 0 nmol/L Lipoprotein(a) 0 nmol/L For … Continue reading

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Lp(a): Be patient with fish oil

High-dose omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil has become the number one strategy for reduction of lipoprotein(a), Lp(a), in the Track Your Plaque program for gaining control over coronary plaque and heart disease risk. The original observations made in Tanzanian … Continue reading

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Normal cholesterol panel . . . no heart disease?

I often hear this comment: “I have a normal cholesterol panel. So I have low risk for heart disease, right?” While there’s a germ of truth in the statement, there are many exceptions. Having “normal” cholesterol values is far from … Continue reading

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DHEA and Lp(a)

DHEA supplementation is among my favorite ways to deal with the often-difficult lipoprotein(a), Lp(a). DHEA is a testosterone-like adrenal hormone that declines with age, such that a typical 70-year old has blood levels around 10% that of a youthful person. … Continue reading

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Why haven’t you heard about lipoprotein(a)?

Lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a), is the combined product of a low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particle joined with the liver-produced protein, apoprotein(a). Apoprotein(a)’s characteristics are genetically-determined: If your Mom gave the gene to you, you will have the same type of apoprotein(a) as … Continue reading

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Family lessons

Lou was recovering from his 3rd bypass operation. This third go-round left him weaker, slower, less quick on the rebound. In fact, he was lucky to have survived. At 71 years old, Lou went a good 15 years since his … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque challenges

Of all the various factors we correct in the Track Your Plaque program in the name of achieving reversal of coronary plaque, there are two factors that are proving to be our greatest challenges: 1) Genetic small LDL 2) Lipoprotein(a) … Continue reading

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