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Diet is superior to drugs

Might-o’chondri-AL left this wonderful record of his lipoprotein experience in the comments to the last Heart Scan Blog post. It is a great example of what is achievable with diet and a few supplements . . . without drugs. (A) … Continue reading

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You mean weight loss is hazardous to your health?

In my last Heart Scan Blog post, What is this wacky thing called weight loss?, I discussed how weight loss is associated with distortions in cholesterol and blood sugar values that can be very confusing, often leading your doctor to … Continue reading

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More lipoproteins zero!

A few posts back, I talked about how more people are showing us zero lipoprotein(a) and zero small LDL. That was about 4 weeks ago. By then, I had seen 3 people with zero values on both. Well, it’s now … Continue reading

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Diet: One size does NOT fit all

Heart Scan Blog reader, Frustrated, posted this comment: Dr. Davis, I have spent the last 5 months eating a diet that completely eliminated all wheat products. It was very low carb, and consisted of relatively high protein (eggs, grass fed … Continue reading

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Normal cholesterol panel . . . no heart disease?

I often hear this comment: “I have a normal cholesterol panel. So I have low risk for heart disease, right?” While there’s a germ of truth in the statement, there are many exceptions. Having “normal” cholesterol values is far from … Continue reading

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“It’s genetic”

At 53, Sam had been through the wringer with heart disease. After his first heart attack at age 50, he’d undergone four heart catheterizations, 5 stents, and, most recently, a bypass operation. He came to us to see if there … Continue reading

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Cholesterol follies

Rudy is a 59-year old man. He’s had three heart catheterizations, two of which resulted in stent implantations. Obviously, Rudy should be the beneciary of a prevention program. His basic cholesterol values: Total cholesterol 164 mg/dl–pretty good, it seems. LDL … Continue reading

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Are CETP inhibitors kaput?

Was torcetrapib’s crash and burn fatal for this class of drug? At the 2007 American Heart Association meetings in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Philip Barter of Sydney, Australia, presented an update of the ILLUMINATE drug trial for the once-promising drug, torcetrapib, … Continue reading

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Our friends at Liposcience

A number of Track Your Plaque Members are still outraged at LabCorp’s failure to convey the results of page 2 of the NMR Lipoprofile, as provided by Liposcience, Inc., the testing laboratory that actually performs the test. We’ve gotten an … Continue reading

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Lipoprotein testing

This is an update of a post I made about a year ago. However, I’m reposting it since the question comes up so often. How can I get my lipoproteins tested?This question came up on our recent online chat session … Continue reading

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