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Lessons learned from the 2012 Low-carb Cruise

I just returned from Jimmy Moore’s Low-carb Cruise, a 7-day excursion to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel aboard the Carnival Magic. During our 7 wonderful days, a number of authors and experts spoke, each offering their unique perspective on … Continue reading

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Myocardial infraction

I’ve seen a few heart attacks this past year . . . but none in the people who follow this program. I saw a heart attack in a priest, a wonderful man who was unable to say “no” to his … Continue reading

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Low-carb is heart healthy

Anybody following the discussions in these pages know that: Limiting carbohydrate intake reduces risk for coronary heart disease and heart attack. First of all, why do conventional diets advocate restricting saturated and total fat? From the standpoint of surrogate markers … Continue reading

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HDL 80 mg/dl

More and more people in my clinic are showing HDL cholesterol values of 80 mg/dl or higher, males included. Think about it: Nationwide, average HDL for males is 42 mg/dl and for females 52 mg/dl. Even though these average values … Continue reading

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I eliminated wheat . . . and I didn’t lose weight!

Elimination of wheat is a wonderfully effective way to lose weight. Because saying goodbye to wheat means removing the gliadin protein of wheat, the protein degraded to brain-active exorphins that stimulate appetite, calorie consumption is reduced, on average, 400 calories … Continue reading

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Almonds are the new wheat

Once you eliminate this genetically-altered Frankengrain called modern wheat, the diet should center around vegetables, nuts, healthy oils like olive and coconut, fish, meats, cheese, olives, avocados and other real whole foods. This is, in fact, the diet that I … Continue reading

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What is this wacky thing called “weight loss”?

I’ve discussed this before, but it has proven such an (encouragingly!) frequent issue that I thought it was worth discussing once again. What happens when you lose weight? The process of weight loss is characterized by multiple shifts in metabolic … Continue reading

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Why small LDL particles are the #1 cause of heart disease in the US

Ask your doctor: What is the #1 cause of heart disease in the US? Let’s put aside smoking, since it is an eminently modifiable risk and none of those crazies read this blog anyway. What will your doctor say? Most … Continue reading

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Diet: One size does NOT fit all

Heart Scan Blog reader, Frustrated, posted this comment: Dr. Davis, I have spent the last 5 months eating a diet that completely eliminated all wheat products. It was very low carb, and consisted of relatively high protein (eggs, grass fed … Continue reading

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Why ATP-3 is B— S—

A Heart Scan Blog reader posted the link to this very excellent presentation by Dr. David Diamond, a neuroscientist at the University of South Florida. ATP-3, or Adult Treatment Panel-3, is the set of cholesterol treatment guidelines as established by … Continue reading

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