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The exception to low-carb

I witness spectacular results restricting carbohydrates, both in the office as well as in my online experiences, such as those in Track Your Plaque. Of course, the diet I advocate is not just low-carb; it starts with elimination of wheat … Continue reading

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Fat is not the demon

So my patient, Dane, generously volunteered to be on the Dr. Oz show, as I discussed previously. What we didn’t know, nor did the producer who contacted us mention, that Dane would be counseled by low-fat guru Dr. Dean Ornish … Continue reading

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Overweight, hungry, diabetic, and fat-free

Let me tell you about my low-fat experience from 20 years ago. At the time, I was living in Cleveland, Ohio, and served on the faculty at a large metropolitan university-affiliated hospital, supervising fellows-in-training and developing high-tech cath lab procedures … Continue reading

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The disastrous results of a low-fat diet

Rob was never that committed to following the program in the first place. I met Rob because of a modest heart scan score and consultation for a cholesterol abnormality. Rob had been cycled through all the statin agents by his … Continue reading

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