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Niacin: What forms are safe?

Niacin, or vitamin B3, remains a confusing issue for many people. It shouldn’t be. It doesn’t help that most physicians and many pharmacists also do not understand the basic issues surrounding niacin. The only reason why there is any level … Continue reading

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The costs of doing drug business?

Here’s a telling situation. Liz had been on prescription niacin, Niaspan, 1500 mg per day (3 x 500 mg tablets) for several years to treat her severe small LDL pattern and familial hypertriglyceridemia (triglycerides 500-1000 mg/dl). Because her health insurance … Continue reading

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If you take niacin, you must exercise

We use a lot of niacin in the Track Your Plaque program. Niacin: –Increases HDL and shifts HDL towards the large, protective fraction –Reduces small LDL–In fact, niacin is the best treatment we have to reduce small LDL after wheat … Continue reading

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A niacin primer

A reader of Life Extension reminded me of a piece I wrote about niacin a couple of years back. Anyone desiring a primer on how and why to use niacin to correct lipid and lipoprotein patterns might find this useful. … Continue reading

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Niacin scams

In the Track Your Plaque program, we often resort to niacin (vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid) to: –Raise HDL cholesterol–Reduce the proportion of small LDL particles–Shift HDL towards the healthy larger fraction (HDL2b or “large”)–Reduce lipoprotein(a), the most aggressive risk … Continue reading

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Flush-free niacin kills

Here, I re-post a conversation I’ve posted before, that of the scam product, “no-flush” niacin, also known as “flush-free” niacin. I find this issue particularly bothersome, since I have a patient or two each and every week who forgets the … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque success story blows it

Joe was a Track Your Plaque Success Story. With a starting heart scan score of 278, he dropped it 12 months later to 264, a 5% reduction. Though not a huge reduction, Joe’s risk for a heart attack or other … Continue reading

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No-flush niacin kills

Gwen was miserable and defeated. No wonder. After a bypass operation failed just 12 months earlier with closure of 3 out of 4 bypass grafts, she has since undergone 9 heart catheterization procedures and received umpteen stents. She presented to … Continue reading

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Niacin and hydration

Many people know about niacin’s curious effect of the “hot flush,” a feeling of warmth that covers the chest and neck, occasionally the entire body. However, many people are unaware of the fact that hydration can block this effect. In … Continue reading

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Niacin vs. low-carb weight loss

Niacin: –Raises HDL and shifts HDL towards the healthier large (HDL2b) subclass.–Reduces total LDL.–Reduces small LDL particles.–Reduces triglycerides and triglyceride-containing particles like VLDL and IDL (intermediate-density lipoprotein). –Reduces fibrinogen.–Reduces inflammatory responses. Weight loss achieved through a low-carbohydrate (read “wheat-free”) diet: … Continue reading

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