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You’ve come a long way, baby

In 1945, the room-sized ENIAC vacuum tube computer was first turned on, women began to smoke openly in public, and a US postal stamp cost three cents. And this was the US government’s advice on healthy eating:             … Continue reading

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Cholesterol effects of carbohydrates

Let’s take a hypothetical person, say, a 50-year old male. 5 ft 10 inches, 160 lbs, BMI 23.0. He’s slender and in good health. Our hypothetical man eats a simple diet of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, and meats but avoids … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Eades on the Paleolithic diet

Dr. Michael Eades has posted an absolutely spectacular commentary on the Paleolithic diet concept: Rapid health improvements with a Paleolithic diet The post was prompted by publication of a study that tried to recreate a Paleolithic-like diet experience over a … Continue reading

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Learn how to eat from Survivorman

Look no farther than Discovery Channel to learn how humans were meant to eat. The Survivorman show documents the (self-filmed) 7-day adventures of Les Stroud, who is dropped into various remote corners of the world to survive on little but … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is alive . . . and works for the drug industry

Maybe your teenagers no longer believe in Santa Claus, but I assure you: Not only is he alive, I believe that we have evidence that he works for the drug industry! Psshaww! you say. Yet another rant from that kook, … Continue reading

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Are humans meant to be omnivores?

Are humans meant to be omnivores? Does the ideal human diet include animal products like meat, fish, cheese, eggs, and dairy products? Or should the ideal diet be devoid of all animal products?a vegetarian diet? Though the argument is distorted … Continue reading

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Mediterranean diet and blood sugar

Data such as that from the Lyon Heart Study have demonstrated that a so-called Mediterranean diet substantially reduces risk for heart attack. But there are aspects of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle that are not entirely sorted out. For instance, … Continue reading

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Diet: Don’t be angry, be GRATEFUL

Given the confusion over what constitutes the “ideal” diet, a discussion that has been hotly debated for decades, some people become very angry that we still don’t agree on what is truly healthy. “Why should I even try if the … Continue reading

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Can you say “sugar”?

All of these products bear the American Heart Association Check Mark of approval emblem, signifying that they are “heart healthy”: Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal Ingredients:WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT, SUGAR, STRAWBERRY FLAVORED CRUNCHLETS (SUGAR, CORN CEREAL, CORN SYRUP, MODIFIED CORN STARCH, PARTIALLY … Continue reading

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When is a calorie not a calorie?

One ounce of raw almonds (about 23 nuts) contains: 6 grams protein 14 grams fat 6 grams carbohydrate 3.5 grams fiber For a total of 163 calories per ounce. (From the USDA Nutrient Database) Calorie content of foods is determined … Continue reading

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