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We got the drug industry we deserve

A biting commentary on just who is writing treatment guidelines for diabetes and cardiovascular disease was published in the British Medical Journal, summarized in’s HeartWire here. “About half the experts serving on the committees that wrote national clinical guidelines … Continue reading

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I’ll supply the tar if you supply the feathers

The results of the latest Heart Scan Blog poll are in. DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING HAS: Increased public awareness of medical conditions and their treatment 19 (11%) Has had little overall effect on health and healthcare 29 (18%) Needlessly increased healthcare … Continue reading

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Is direct-to-consumer drug marketing a failure?

According to the poll just completed by 80 participants on The Heart Scan Blog, 50% of respondents said they were less likely to take a drug after viewing an advertisement for it. A whopping 3 (4%) said that they would … Continue reading

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Pill pushers

Have you read the latest cover story from Forbes magazine? It’s entitled “Pill Pushers: How the drug industry abandoned science for salesmanship”. It’s great reading. (A condensed version is available at the website: They require you to provide … Continue reading

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A used car lot on every street corner

Imagine that, every day, a parade of used-car salesmen knock on your front door to sell you a special “deal”. Day in, day out they knock, expecting you to hear about their offers openly. Is there any doubt about their … Continue reading

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