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Track Your Plaque APB

I’m posting this intriguing comment from the Track Your Plaque Member Forum because I would like to speak to the Member who posted it. The Member said: I tested at 965 last year, and while I have followed the TYP … Continue reading

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“Instant” reversal with fasting?

Here’s a fascinating e-mail we received recently. It came from a man in Hawaii who dropped his heart scan score a modest amount, but did it in two months using fasting. He also has the advantage of access to the … Continue reading

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Success–Slow but sure

John is a gentleman. At age 76, he continues to teach at a local college. He’s a delight to talk to, having written several scholarly books on religious topics. He’s a fountain of knowledge on religious history and the roots … Continue reading

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A new Track Your Plaque record: 63% reduction

Stress can booby-trap the best efforts at reducing your CT heart scan score. But Amy, our newest Track Your Plaque record holder, defied the effects of an overwhelmingly life stress to drop her heart scan score from 117 to 43–an … Continue reading

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Lipitor 80 mg

I’m seeing more and more people taking 80 mg of Lipitor per day. For the most part, these are people who come in for another opinion after a stent or heart attack and are prescribed the drug during their hospitalization. … Continue reading

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A Track Your Plaque failure

We recently had a man suffer a heart attack after beginning the program. Let me tell you the details. Jerry’s heart scan score 781, age 53. Multiple lipoprotein abnormalities: HDL 32 mg/dl, triglycerides 279 mg/dl, nearly all of his LDL … Continue reading

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Back to basics!

Harold is energetic and highly motivated. His heart scan score of 997 really threw him for a loop: his view of himself as a healthy, slender, 58-year old clearly needed revision. So Harold set himself on a quest to find … Continue reading

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