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Saturated fat and large LDL

Here’s a half-truth I often encounter in low-carb discussions: Saturated fat increases large LDL particles For those of you unfamiliar with the argument, I advocate a low-carbohydrate approach, specifically elimination of all wheat, cornstarch, and sugars, to reduce expression of … Continue reading

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When meat is not just meat

The edgy nutrition advocate, Mike Adams, over at came up with this scary photo tour of a processed meat product from Oscar Mayer: Mystery Meat Macrophotography: A NewsTarget PhotoTour by Mike Adams Along with increasingly close-up photographs of this … Continue reading

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Jimmy Moore Interview: Is saturated fat the villain we thought?

Enter “weight loss” or “low carb” in your web search and you can’t help but stumble across the prolific and widely-connected Jimmy Moore. On his Blog, Livin’ la Vida Lo Carb , Jimmy conducts a wide-ranging and informative discussion of … Continue reading

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