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Why ATP-3 is B— S—

A Heart Scan Blog reader posted the link to this very excellent presentation by Dr. David Diamond, a neuroscientist at the University of South Florida. ATP-3, or Adult Treatment Panel-3, is the set of cholesterol treatment guidelines as established by … Continue reading

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Statin mono-failure

Evan’s first heart scan score in November, 2006 yielded a high score for a 56-year old male: 542. So he put up little fuss when his doctor prescribed simvastatin at a high dose. Evan’s LDL cholesterol before simvastatin: 158 mg/dl … Continue reading

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Don’t lament no OTC mevacor

After Merck’s third go at FDA approval for over-the-counter (OTC) status for its statin cholesterol drug, Mevacor (lovastatin), the FDA advisory board suggested that its request be denied. They expressed concern that too many people would not understand how the … Continue reading

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Wacky statin effects

In general, I try to exhaust possibilities before resorting to the statin drugs. But we still do use them, both in general practice and the Track Your Plaque program. There are indeed a number of ways to reduce, minimize, or … Continue reading

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Do statin drugs reduce lipoprotein(a)?

Alex had lipoprotein(a), Lp(a), at a high level. With a heart scan score of 541 at age 53, treatment of this pattern would be crucial to his success. Part of Alex’s treatment program was niacin. However, Alex complained about the … Continue reading

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