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Turning plaque into profit

For reasons unknown to me, I received a solicitation to invest in a company called Prescient Medical, with a slogan that caught my eye: Detect and treat heart attacks before they occur. The glossy brochure details their technology development strategy: … Continue reading

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Damage control

Medical device manufacturer, Cordis, is launching a new marketing program to promote its Cypher drug-coated stent. You can view the details at , including the slick TV commercial that HeartHawk posted a blog about. The campaign opens with: When … Continue reading

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A stent–just in case

Burt came to me last week. He’d received a stent a few months earlier. He’d been feeling fine except for some fatigue. A nuclear stress test proved equivocal, with the question of an abnormal area of blood flow in the … Continue reading

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Do stents kill?

There’s apparently a lively conversation going on at the HeartHawk Blog ( Among the hot topics raised was just how bad it is to have a stent. I think that my comments some time back may have started this controversy. … Continue reading

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