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Track Your Plaque in the news

The NPR Health Blog contacted me, as they were interested in learning more about health strategies and tools that are being used by individuals without their doctors. The Track Your Plaque website and program came up in their quest, as … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque makes Consumer Reports!

. . . but not in a good way. The September, 2011 issue of Consumer Reports showcases their Protect Your Heart discussion. Third paragraph: “The website Track Your Plaque warns, ‘The old tests for heart disease were wrong–dead wrong.’ It … Continue reading

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Tell me your wheat elimination story and receive a copy of my new book, Wheat Belly

I’m looking for interesting wheat-free experiences. For the past year, I have been writing my new book, Wheat Belly . After many, many late nights and soccer games missed, it’s now finished. The book will be out in fall, 2011, to … Continue reading

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The New Track Your Plaque Guide now available

The New Track Your Plaque Guide is now available! The Track Your Plaque program has evolved over its 8 year history. While the original Track Your Plaque book reflected the program details that got the program started back in 2003-2004, … Continue reading

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New Track Your Plaque record!

The record for the largest drop in heart scan score (by percentage of starting score) has been held for around three years, with 63% reduction in score. Well, the longstanding record was broken this week: 75% reduction in score. At … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque reduces healthcare costs 35%

Allow me to wear my Track Your Plaque hat for this post. Mr. Richard Rawle is CEO of Utah company, Tosh, Inc. Mr. Rawle has been an avid follower of the Track Your Plaque program and has introduced the program … Continue reading

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Where do Track Your Plaque membership revenues go?

People pay about $90 per year to become Members on the Track Your Plaque website. This provide access to our in-depth Special Reports, guides, webinars, and our proprietary software data tracking tools. Members can also participate in online discussions, such … Continue reading

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Track Your Plaque Program Data Tracking Tools

At last: After talking about the new Track Your Plaque community tools for the last year, our data tracking software is now available! Track Your Plaque is, admittedly, somewhat data-intensive. The basic concept relies on the fact that we track … Continue reading

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Accidental Health

“I shall never have smallpox for I have had cowpox; I shall neverhave an ugly pockmarked face.” Such was the idle comment made by a milkmaid to Edward Jenner in 1768 when Jenner was 19, a remark that later prompted … Continue reading

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Collective wisdom

As public consciousness and knowledge about health issues grows, thanks to the internet and other media, I predict that: 1) Hospitals will recede into a role of acute and catastrophic care ONLY, dropping the charade of providing health, which they … Continue reading

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