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What tests are MORE important than cholesterol?

In the conventional practice of early heart disease prevention, cholesterol testing takes center stage. Rarely does it go any further, aside from questions about family history and obvious sources of modifiable risk such as smoking and sedentary lifestyle. So standard … Continue reading

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HDL 80 mg/dl

More and more people in my clinic are showing HDL cholesterol values of 80 mg/dl or higher, males included. Think about it: Nationwide, average HDL for males is 42 mg/dl and for females 52 mg/dl. Even though these average values … Continue reading

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You could take vitamin D or . . .

You could take vitamin D and achieve a desirable blood level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (I aim for 60-70 ng/ml), or you could: –Take Actos to mimic the enhanced insulin sensitivity generated by vitamin D –Take lisinopril to mimic the … Continue reading

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270 lb man in diapers

Alex is a big guy: 6 ft 4 inches, 273 lbs. On 10,000 units per day of vitamin D in gelcap form, his 25-hydroxy vitamin D level was 38.4 ng/ml. One year earlier, his 25-hydroxy vitamin D level, prior to … Continue reading

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The formula for aortic valve disease?

I’ve discussed this question before: Can aortic valve stenosis be stopped or reversed using a regimen of nutritional supplements? I had a striking experience this past week. Don has coronary plaque and began the Track Your Plaque program. However, discovery … Continue reading

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Topping up your vitamin D tank

Now that my vitamin D replacement experience dates back nearly 5 years, I’ve been witnessing an unusual phenomenon: The longer you take vitamin D, the less you need. Let me explain. You take 10,000 units D3 in gelcap form. 25-hydroxy … Continue reading

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The folly of an RDA for vitamin D

Tom is a 50-year old, 198-lb white male. At the start, his 25-hydroxy vitamin D level was 28.8 ng/ml in July. Tom supplements vitamin D, 2000 units per day, in gelcap form. Six months later in January (winter), Tom’s 25-hydroxy … Continue reading

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10,000 units of vitamin D

Joanne started with a 25-hydroxy vitamin D level of 23 ng/ml–severe deficiency. What made this starting value even worse was that it was drawn in August after a moderately sunny summer spent outdoors. (Last summer, not this summer.) It therefore … Continue reading

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Increased blood calcium and vitamin D

Conventional advice tells us to supplement calcium, 1200 mg per day, to preserve bone health and reduce blood pressure. Here’s a curious observation I’ve now witnessed a number of times: Some people who supplement this dose of calcium while also … Continue reading

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Fractures and vitamin D

This is a bit off topic, but it’s such an interesting observation that I’d like to pass it on. Over the past several years, there have been inevitable bone fractures: People slip on ice, for instance, and fracture a wrist … Continue reading

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