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The formula for aortic valve disease?

I’ve discussed this question before: Can aortic valve stenosis be stopped or reversed using a regimen of nutritional supplements? I had a striking experience this past week. Don has coronary plaque and began the Track Your Plaque program. However, discovery … Continue reading

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Can I stop my Coumadin?

Here I go again. While I will try to keep this blog on topic, i.e., coronary heart disease prevention and reversal using nutritional and other natural strategies, I believe that a “critical mass” of frequently asked, though off topic, questions … Continue reading

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Warfarin is scary stuff

Gilbert is a 58-year old high school science teacher. When I first met Gil, he’d been having bouts of atrial fibrillation and had required various medications to suppress recurrences of the rhythm. However, because his rhythm proved somewhat difficult to … Continue reading

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Food sources of vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is emerging as an exciting player in the control and possible regression of coronary atherosclerotic plaque. Only about 10% of dietary vitamin K intake is in the K2 form, the other 90% being the more common K1. The … Continue reading

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Cheese and vitamin K2

If you’ve been following the Track Your Plaque conversation, you know that, contrary to prevailing opinion among many cardiologists, there is an emerging notion that coronary calcification is an active process, a true part of the disease. Vitamin D3 is … Continue reading

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Vitamin K2, aspirin, fish oil and blood thinning

An interesting question came up from one of our Track Your Plaque Members on the Forum. “I am now taking 9 mg of vitamin K1 and 1000 mcg of K2. Does taking this supplement with this much K1 have a … Continue reading

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Vitamin K2 and coronary plaque

The vitamin K2 story, though still preliminary, is becoming increasingly interesting from the perspective of CT heart score reduction. The origin of this concept came from some unexpected observations. One, the observation that osteoporosis (lack of bone calcium that leads … Continue reading

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