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Opiate of the masses

Although it is a central premise of the whole Wheat Belly argument and the starting strategy in the New Track Your Plaque Diet, I fear that some people haven’t fully gotten the message: Modern wheat is an opiate. And, of … Continue reading

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I eliminated wheat . . . and I didn’t lose weight!

Elimination of wheat is a wonderfully effective way to lose weight. Because saying goodbye to wheat means removing the gliadin protein of wheat, the protein degraded to brain-active exorphins that stimulate appetite, calorie consumption is reduced, on average, 400 calories … Continue reading

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Why wheat makes you fat

How is it that a blueberry muffin or onion bagel can trigger weight gain? Why do people who exercise, soccer Moms, and other everyday people who cut their fat and eat more “healthy whole grains” get fatter and fatter? And … Continue reading

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You mean weight loss is hazardous to your health?

In my last Heart Scan Blog post, What is this wacky thing called weight loss?, I discussed how weight loss is associated with distortions in cholesterol and blood sugar values that can be very confusing, often leading your doctor to … Continue reading

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What is this wacky thing called “weight loss”?

I’ve discussed this before, but it has proven such an (encouragingly!) frequent issue that I thought it was worth discussing once again. What happens when you lose weight? The process of weight loss is characterized by multiple shifts in metabolic … Continue reading

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Fasting with green tea

I’ve been playing around with brief (18-24 hour) fasts with the use of green tea. Of the several variations on fasting, such as juice “fasts,”  I’ve been most impressed with the green tea experience. While the weight loss effects of … Continue reading

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Bet you can’t fast

People who continue to consume the world’s most destructive grain, i.e., wheat, can rarely endure fasting–not eating for an extended period–except by mustering up monumental willpower. That’s because wheat is a powerful appetite stimulant through its 2-hour cycle of exaggerated glycemia … Continue reading

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To lose weight, prick your finger

We know that foods that trigger insulin lead to fat storage. Putting a stop to this process allows you to mobilize fat and lose weight. If you’re starting out from scratch, rapid and dramatic weight loss can be experienced, as … Continue reading

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T3 for accelerating weight loss

Supplementation of the thyroid hormone, T3, is an underappreciated means to lose weight. Thyroid health, in general, is extremely important for weight control, since even subtle low thyroid hormone levels can result in weight gain. The first step in achieving … Continue reading

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Look like Jimmy Stewart

“This diet works great,” Don declared. “But I think I’ve lost too much weight.” At 67 years old and 5 ft. 11 inches, Don began the program weighing 228 lbs (BMI 31.9). Because of high triglycerides, high blood sugar, high … Continue reading

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