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My letter to the Wall Street Journal: It’s NOT just about gluten

The Wall Street Journal carried this report of a new proposed classification of the various forms of gluten sensitivity: New Guide to Who Really Shouldn’t Eat Gluten This represents progress. Progress in understanding of wheat-related illnesses, as well as progress … Continue reading

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Myocardial infraction

I’ve seen a few heart attacks this past year . . . but none in the people who follow this program. I saw a heart attack in a priest, a wonderful man who was unable to say “no” to his … Continue reading

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Are you hungry?

Eliminate modern high-yield semi-dwarf Triticum aestivum . . . and what is the effect on appetite? A reduction in appetite is among the most common and profound experiences resulting from wheat elimination. I know that I have personally felt it: … Continue reading

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Do the math: 41.7 pounds per year

Consumers of wheat take in, on average, 400 calories more per day. Conversely, people who eliminate wheat consume, on average, 400 calories less per day. 400 calories per day multiplied by 365 days per day equals 146,000 additional calories over … Continue reading

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Wheat “debate” on CBC

“Many Canadians plan warm buns, stuffing and pie for their Thanksgiving meals tonight. But I’ll speak with a cardiologist who thinks we have no reason to be thankful for any food that contains wheat. William Davis says our daily bread … Continue reading

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Why wheat makes you fat

How is it that a blueberry muffin or onion bagel can trigger weight gain? Why do people who exercise, soccer Moms, and other everyday people who cut their fat and eat more “healthy whole grains” get fatter and fatter? And … Continue reading

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Almonds are the new wheat

Once you eliminate this genetically-altered Frankengrain called modern wheat, the diet should center around vegetables, nuts, healthy oils like olive and coconut, fish, meats, cheese, olives, avocados and other real whole foods. This is, in fact, the diet that I … Continue reading

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Interview with Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb

Here’s my podcast interview with Jimmy Moore, host of the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. (If you want to fast forward to the interview, go to time marker 41:20 on the slidebar.) In the podcast, I talk about how the … Continue reading

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Do you eat wheat? I thought so.

I’m itching to say that face-to-face to anyone from the wheat industry–agribusiness, baking, retail distribution . . . anybody. Because it’s obvious; it’s written on the face . . . and belly, and brain, and knees, and hips. And I … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly coming to bookstores!

Anyone following the conversations on these pages know that I have some very serious concerns about this thing being sold to us called “wheat”–cause it ain’t wheat! It is the result of incredible genetics shenanigans inflicted on this plant, mostly … Continue reading

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